Revised AIU AT Process Documents
Effective August 1, 2014—v.2014 07 31

Teams requesting an AT Consultation should:
1. Complete the AT Request document
2. Refer to the AT Resource Checklists as needed to complete the request
3. Review the AT Resource FAQ to answer/clarify any questions
4. Email the AT Request to their school district/program LEA for approval: [REQUIRED Special Education Administrator APPROVAL-page 5]
5. LEA emails the AT Request, IEP, ER/RR or 504 Agreement to Kendra Bittner at
6. In most cases, the student’s team will complete the AT Plan immediately following the AT Consultation with the TaC-AT

If there are additional questions, contact Kendra Bittner

REMINDER: All AT requests must be approved by the LEA Administrator prior to electronic submission.