AT Intervention for Seating and Positioning

Consult with the medical provider, wheelchair vendor, physical therapist, and/or occupational therapist when considering interventions for seating and positioning

Adjustable chair

Adjustable desk or workstation

Foot rest or stool

Solid wedge to promote back extension

Lordosis roll to support back and provide extension

Tactile cushion

Chair with armrests or supports

Supportive chair (e.g., Rifton, Kaye, Thera-Adapt, Lecky)

Chair with additional supports (e.g., laterals, headrest, hip abductor, pelvic belt, chest harness)

Tray or table-top support

Chair with tilt/recline capabilities

Modified work tray, table, or work station

Mounting system (e.g., desktop, rigid, swing-away, folding)