AT Intervention for Mathematics

Graph paper for spacing or alignment

Formatted paper (e.g., guideline papers formatted for an algorithm)

Vertically lined paper to aid alignment/place value
  • Download vertically lined paper in various widths with black or gray lines [PDF document]
  • Place vertical, black-lined paper under horizontally lined paper to create a spacing grid that is just visible through most writing papers
    Example of overlapping papers to create a grid on-the-fly

Abacus or math line for calculations

Enlarged work materials (for clarity or spacing)

Calculator or coinulator for computation activities

Calculator that is capable of printing results

Calculator with speech output capability

Calculator with enlarged keys or displays

Measurement tools that feature tactile guides

Measurement tools with speech output capability

Math notation software as an alternative to pencil-and-paper

Drawing or graphing software as an alternative to pencil-and-paper

Virtual manipulatives to provide an access alternative to physical ones