AT Intervention for Computer Access

OS-level accessibility options for keyboarding (e.g., Sticky Keys, repeat rate)

Abbreviation expansion (AutoCorrect or Replace) to reduce keystrokes

AutoText to reduce keystrokes

Word prediction to reduce keystrokes or assist spelling and word use

Keyguard to assist users in making direct selections

Arm or chair supports to promote proper positioning

Track ball, joystick, or other alternative mouse in place of a standard mouse

Touchscreen monitor as an alternative input device

Keytop overlays to label keys in both cases

Keytop overlays to promote finger positioning/hand use

Onscreen keyboard for typing

Alternate keyboard or keyboard layout

Head mouse or pointer to type on an onscreen or standard keyboard

Switch as a primary input device

Switch interface for multiple switches and functions

Scanning (auditory, step, radial, etc.) as a means of input

Voice recognition software as a primary means of input