AT Intervention for Communication

Yes/no strategy for basic communicative needs
Picture symbols

Photos/digital pictures

Use a communication board with pictures, text, or objects

Symbol-authoring software to create boards/activities

Eye-gaze frame with pictures or text
Example of an eye-gaze frame

Pen and paper to communicate with text or drawings

Portable keyboard or computer to type messages during conversation

Sign-assisted speech to enhance a student’s receptive communication

Single-level, voice-output communication aid (VOCA)

Multi-level, voice-output communication aid (VOCA)

Voice-output communication aid (VOCA) with icon sequencing

Voice-output communication aid (VOCA) with dynamic display

Voice-output communication aid (VOCA) with synthesized speech

Voice-output communication aid (VOCA) with automatic level switching

Radio frequency identification (RFID) communicator with digitized speech

Speech-generating device (SGD)

Speech-generating device (SGD) with eye gaze interface

Tablet device with a touch screen interface

Switch to access and activate device when direct selection is not an option

Keyguard for use of the communication device

Carrying case for the communication device

Stylus or T-stick to activate the communication device

External speakers/speaker case to amplify sound for listeners

External headphones

Additional battery, charger, and/or AC power cord